Bajrangi Bhaijaan And His Dating Timeline

Tinsel Town’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan has a long list of love affairs. Though he has not admitted all of them, but his late night one-on-one meetings with the lovely ladies indicates something else. People crave to know about nation’s heart-throb Salman’s love life. Perhaps he is too shy to announce about his girlfriends.

All the Women Bajrangi Bhaijaan has dated:

1. Shaheen

The model Shaheen was Salman’s first love ever! They dated each other when they were just about 20 years old. Shaheen Jaffrey is the granddaughter of Ashok Kumar, the legendary actor from the Golden era of Bolllywood. Kiara Advani (actress from MS Dhoni: The Untold Story) is her niece. In an interview, Kiara said, “My mom knew Salman sir as they grew up together in Bandra. He would often tell my mother Genievev Advani how one day he would be a star. They have been friends for the longest time and would go cycling together. She introduced my mausie Shaheen to him and Salman sir and Shaheen mausie dated each other long back. It may have possibly been their first relationship.”


2. Sangeeta Bijlani

This all has started when Sangeeta won the crown of Miss India 1980, shortly the duo started dating each other. Sangeeta did couple of movies and in 1990s they got separated.



Recent Phototgraph of Salman Khan with Sangeeta Bijlani

3. Somi Ali

Somi Ali started seeing Salman Khan when she joined the industry in 1993, at the age of 19. Salman and Somi dated each other for approximately eight years and then broke up. It is said that Salman’s aggressive behaviour and drinking habit were the reasons behind their separation. The Pakistani actress then returned to Florida where she started her NGO-No More Tears!



4. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan’s relationship was Tinsel-Town’s most talked about love affair. This relation’s sparks flew on the sets of Snajay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. The couple broke up in 2002. This time also, Salman’s violence and aggressive behaviour was said to be the cause of the split. Aish’s parents had to file a complaint against Salman. In a press release, Aishwarya said, ‘For my well-being and for the self-respect of my family, I will not work with Mr Salman Khan. The chapter of Salman Khan was a nightmare in my life. I am thankful that it is over now.’


5. Sneha Ullal

Salman launched Sneha in the movie ‘Lucky’, who somehow resembled Aishwarya Rai. It was rumoured that Salman could not get off his mind from Aishwarya Rai and this could be the reason he gave Sneha a chance in ‘Lucky’.



6. Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s relationship was considered as the most serious one among his all love affairs. He even helped her to grab a couple of movies. Though both have denied their relation but they were seen many a times holding hands and hugging each other. In a recent interview Salman said that Katrina Kaif is a ‘wonderful girl’ and a ‘part of his family’. He also included that he will ‘always be protective about her’.


7. Claudia Ciesla

Like other women of Salman’s life, Claudia also was seen in most of the events with Salman Khan. In an interview, Salman said, “Claudia is a very nice girl and I have introduced her to my family”. He further referred Ciesla as his “special friend”. Though Claudia refused to accept it. Her statement in an interview was, “Salman and I are just good friends. He is not my boyfriend, as has been reported here. Everyone knows that it’s Katrina Kaif who is his girlfriend and not me. I haven’t even been that long in India to start controversies.”


8. Zareen Khan

This time also, Salman launched Zareen khan, who is said to be Salman’s ex-girfriend Karina Kaif. Zareen debuted through the Bollywood movie ‘Veer’, opposite Salman Khan. This relationship also could not do good besides adding a new relationship in Salaman’s love life.


9. Lulia Vantur

The most eligible Bachelor is often linked to the Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur. However the couple has never admitted this. But after seeing their Instagram photographs, it was rumoured that they are soon going to tie the knot. But as usual this relationship also could not fulfil people’s expectations.


10. Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela is rumoured to be the new women in Salman’s life after she was spotted late night at Salman’s apartment.


But still, Salman is a virgin and he is saving himself for the girl he is gonna marry. :)

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Biggest Stunt Tragedies In B-Town

Making of films is not just lights, camera and action. It requires a lot of effort, patience, inter-personal skills and creativity. If its a action movie, the difficulty level of making the movie goes up a notch. Sometimes the stuntmen and women and sometimes actors who do their own stunts end with serious injuries.

It’s true that not all the stunts are do by the celebs but it do by the stunt man but we can’t deny that stunt man is also injured or even died.

Recently, two stuntmen died while shooting for a Kannada film. The stuntmen, Anil and Uday, jumped off a helicopter into the lake from a height of about 50 feet. They were not wearing life-jackets and ended up drowning in the lake.

This was a major shock to the industry but certainly not the first time that stuntmen lost their lives while on the job.

Here are some more of the films where actors or stuntmen died injured during shooting.

1. Amitabh Bachchan In ‘Coolie

Superstar of the century Amitabh Bachchan was also injured during the shooting of film Coolie in 1982. In the fight scene co-star Puneet Issar hit Bachchan in the stomach, this caused much injury to his intestines and caused him to be rushed to the hospital. The condition of Amitabh was very serious, he spent weeks in a coma.

Image result for Amitabh Bachchan In ‘Coolie accident


Fans prayed in temples for his recovery from the dangerous situation.

2. Aishwarya Rai In ‘Khakee’

The glamorous girl of Indian film industry Aishwarya Ray has also made it to this list. While shooting for Khakhee, she fell out of an out-of-control jeep and was thrown out some 20 feet from the road into some bushes.

Image result for Aishwarya Rai In Khakee movie


The reason for the accident was that the driver lost control over the vehicle. As a result, Aishwarya suffered a fracture on her left foot and some bruises.

3. Ranveer Singh In ‘Gunday’

 One of the most upcoming actors of Bollywood, Ranveer sustained injuries after falling from a height. In December 2012 he was perched on a high platform and lost his balance.

Image result for Ranveer Singh In ‘Gunday’ injury


He suffered a gash on his cheek and needed a couple of stitches. The other time Ranveer sustained an injury on set was when he fell from a horse while shooting a scene for Bajirao Mastani

3. Hrithik Roshan In ‘Agneepath’

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara actor Hrithik injured suffered from sever back pain while stunts, and he had to get an MRI test done at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai after the shot.

Image result for Hrithik Roshan In ‘Agneepath’’ injury


4. Akshay Kumar In ‘Rowdy Rathore’

Even the Khiladi Kumar has been injured while shooting stunts for a movie.

Image result for Akshay Kumar In ‘Rowdy Rathore’’ injury


During the pre-climax scene of Rowdy Rathore, he injured his shoulder. But that didnt let him stop shooting, he waited until finishing the scene to look after himself.

5. Salman Khan

Super star of Bollywood Salman has been injured numerous times on set, while shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Mental and wanted. He had first suffered a torn ligament on his right arm while shooting for ‘Wanted’.

Image result for Salman Khan injury Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Once he was injured so horrible that the shooting for Dabanng had to be put on hold.

6. Shahrukh Khan 

Shahrukh khan has also been victim to such mishaps. The minor and major injuries happened while shooting for several films such as Darr , My Name Is Khan, Koyla,Dulha Mil Gaya, Ra-One and Happy New Year.

Image result for 6. Shahrukh Khan  injury


While shooting Darr, he fractured three ribs and his left ankle. For the scene, he wassuposed jump on to Anupam Kher who was relaxing on a sofa. Kher accidently lifted his leg causing Khan to be grievously injured.

7. Katrina Kaif in Fitoor

While shooting for Fitoor, Katrina Kaif lost her balance and fell from the steed. She hurt her neck and back as a result.

Image result for Katrina Kaif in Fitoor injury


8. John Abraham In ‘Shootout at Wadala

The hunk of Bollywood had a near death experience while shooting for this film Kapoor was supposed to fire a gun from a distance of 1.5 metres but accidentally fired the bullet 15 feet away from John. The bullet grazed the right side of his neck, what a lucky save!

Image result for John Abraham In ‘Shootout at Wadala Injury

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10 Times These Celebs Said Ridiculous Things In Interviews!

Bollywood celebrities are incredibly famous for their acting skills and great sense of fashion. These stars are pro at managing a good public image. But sometimes, even these celebs have their foot in the mouth moments, where they went on saying things which they probably shouldn’t have said. And it doesn’t take much time for these statements to take over the internet and headlines.

Today we are breaking down some of the dumbest statements given by Bollywood celebrities over the years !

1. Vivek Oberoi


During an interview with the press, soon after the release of Krrish 3, Vivek Oberoi stated – “People are saying that my performance as Kaal is in par with  Heath Ledger ‘s Joker from The Dark Knight

2. Sonam Kapoor


Undoubtedly, Sonam Kapoor is the princess of foot in the mouth moments. She literally has not filter on her mouth, she has managed to went on saying whatever it comes to her mind. And with all these statements we bet she is a beauty with no brains.

In the episode of Koffee With Karan, Sonam took a dig at Ranbir Kapoor stating, Are girls drooling over him (Ranbir) Really? Ranbir isn’t sexy at all.

“I am considered an icon at the age of 20 when people like others after 40s or after they die are considered icons. It’s just amazing!”

” If you are not good looking, you are considered a good actor, you know what i mean.”

And recently at Neha Dhupia’s podcast show #NoFilterNeha, she commented on the looks of Alia Bhatt stating, “Alia Bhatt looks ‘virginal’

3. Abhishek Bachchan 


Abhisek Bachchan is living in his own little world we must say. On asking his views on Dhoom franchise he stated –

“Uday Chopra and I are ‘Dhoom’.That’s the format of the franchise. The other characters may come and go. But we go on forever. Like Batman and Robin.”

4.  Kareena Kapoor


While Sonam is the princess, Kareena Kapoor turns out to be the queen of such moments. It’s like impossible to mention all the dumbest statements she has given over the years. But here are the ones that shocked us the most.

On India’s Mars mission becoming a success,”Very scientific question. That’s a great day for us, and I also want to go to space, please take me too!”

About her role in ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’, Kareena said, “I don’t think any actress in the last 10-15 years has essayed such a deep role”.

5. Hema Malini


Hema Malini had her share of disgraceful views on Vrindavan widows.

“Vrindawan widows have a bank balance, good income, nice beds but they beg out of habits. “

6. Salman Khan


While shooting an episode of koffee with Karan, Salman Khan claimed something that became the most sensational statement of the decade and honestly we don’t even know how to react on this one.  – I am a virgin”!

gossip girl animated GIF

7. Rimi Sen


Rimi Sen in an interview made a racist comment while praising her director Rohit Shetty.  – “Rohit Shetty is an amazing director. He can even make a black African look pretty. “

8. Bipasha Basu


When Bipasha Basu was asked in an interview about who started Olympic Game. This was her answer.   – “I think Adolf Hilter started it. “

9. Rakhi Sawant


This list could never be completed without having Rakhi Sawant’s name on it. No wonder, she is known as Drama Queen of Bollywood.

On Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate, ” This show is completely copy of Rakhi Ka Insaaf, they have stole our concept. “

About AIB roast “Sabne chitting ki hai. The voices in the AIB video were dubbed.”

10. Varun Dhawan


Varun Dhawan certainly knows how to keep his friends happy. When he was asked his views on her good friend, Alia Bhatt, he… ummm over exaggerated. – “Alia is the Robert De Niro of our generation”.

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Bollywood’s Major Heart-Throbs From 90s : Then And Now

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of 90s. There can be only two options : 90s major heartthrobs or the cringe worthy fashion trends of 90s. And today we are reminiscing about the biggest 90s heartthrobs of Bollywood. Not only did we binge-watched all their movies, harmonized their songs and mimicked the dance sequences but we also decorated our bedroom walls with their posters and photographs. 90s was a wonderful era for Bollywood when it comes to crush-worthy celebrities. Some of these celebrities stood the test of time, are still the ones we are crushing on.

So, let’s take a look back at our favorite heart-throbs from 90s and what they look like now :


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Bollywod’s Reaction To Surgical Strikes On Pakistan Terror-Camps

The Surgical Strike conducted by Indian Army late wednesday has been getting reactions from all over the world.  From Megastar Amitabh bachchan to Superstar Shahrukh Khan, the whole industry is going gaga over the Uri Surgical Strike. Undoubtedly Twitter became the mediator to express those countless emotions.

Let’s check out the reactions of some of the popular personalities:

1. “Don’t mess with the Indian Army”-Amitabh Bachchan

Taking positive stand to the act, Big B proudly tweeted a message not to mess giving a warning to the Terrorism.


2. “Action ka Reaction to hoga hi”- Salman Khan

On Uri Surgical Strike Salman said, “Ideal situation should be of Peace but Action ka Reaction to hoga hi. But at this stage we should create serenity, atleast for common man.”

Action ka Reaction to hona hi tha!

3. “Vande Matram”- Lata Mangeshkar

Lata ji feels proud :)


4. “We showed what India can do”- John Abraham

John Abraham gave a very positive statement by saying, “This should have been done before. As a country we are very Tolerant. It’s the high time, we put a foot down and showed what India can do.”

It’s high time, we respond to terrorism. We showed what India can do!

5. “Action against Terrorism”- Shahrukh Khan


6. Sona says-“This was the need of the hour

Sona says thanks to Indian Army for taking such a big step. She says, “This was the need of the hour, we have to deal with Terrorism. I am really happy that finally it’s happening. We all as the citizens of our country, who love our country, we are very thankful to them.”

This was the need of the hour. We have to deal with Terrorism!

7. “Bold step taken by Government”- Madhur Bhandarkar


8. “Indian Army ki Jai”- Arjun Rampal


9. “Jai Ho”- Paresh Rawal


10. “Proud of Indian Army”- Varun Dhawan

Varun showered an appraisal of Twitter as well on other visual media supporting the Indian Army’s step.


11. “Don’t mess with us”- Chetan Bhagat

Since Chetan Bhagat is aslo a part of Bollywood, somehow, and obviously a great personality, gave an energetic response with a series of Tweets.


12. “Bold step”-Akshay Kumar


What are you thoughts?

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10 Times These Bollywood Stars Showed Us Their-Not-So-Sweet Side !

Usually, Bollywood celebrities are often heard praising each other’s performance and are very particular with their words. No doubt, Bollywood stars do everything to keep up their good image. But there are times when these A-listed stars loose it and sometimes utter such mean and bitchy statements about each other that later spark into major controversies.

Today we are talking about those Bollywood celebs who haven’t missed any opportunity in taking a jibe at other stars and turning bitchy, showed us their-not-so-sweet side !

1. Rishi Kapoor on Nawazuddin Siddiqui


” You will never get a chance ( to act). And you aren’t capable of doing it either. You don’t have the image; You don’t have the talent.. “

Undoubtedly, Nawazuddin with his talent and skills has proved himself as one of the finest actor of Bollywood. But after hearing Nawaz’s views on cliched romance in Bollywood, this was senior artist Rishi Kapoor’s remark on his unconventional looks.

2. Kareena Kapoor on Bipasha Basu


” Bipasha is a kaali billi.. “

This statement was given by Kareena long time ago during the shooting of Ajnabee. They both had a cat fight back then. And at that time, kareena allegedly called Bipasha Basu a ‘kaali billi’ due to her dusky complexion.

3. Salman Khan on Aishwarya’s film Guzaarish


“Arre… koi kutta bhi nahin gaya .(Not even the dogs went to see Guzaarish..) ”

On being asked about his views on then-upcoming Sanjayleela Bhansali’s film Guzaarish starring Hritik Roshan and Salman’s ex-girlfrend, Aishwarya Rai, Salman made this shocking comment on the film.

4. Aamir Khan On Shahrukh Khan


” Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for? Now, before you jump in to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh is the name of our dog. “

In one of his blogs, Aamir Khan took it to the next level and wrote the above controversial statement by naming his dog as Shahrukh. This statement was highly criticised by people.

5. Shahid Kapoor on Kareena Kapoor


“ If my director wants me to work with a cow or a buffalo, I am ready to do it… ”

After Shahid and kareena’s break-up, Shahid was constantly being asked if he would ever work with Kareena Kapoor again, this is how he responded.

6. Sonam Kapoor on Shobha Dey


“Guys pls don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause. So just for her…(sic) “

Sonam Kapoor is the queen of controversial statements. It has been proved that she never thinks before she speak anything. Although, she should consider it. When Shobha Dey criticised Sonam’s film ‘I hate luv story’, this is how she responded back to her.

7. Kareena Kapoor on  Aishwarya Rai


” There is no point in comparing me with Aishwarya, we’re from two different generations…”

 Before Kareena, the movie Heroine was offered to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who during the initial shooting stages left the movie because of her pregnancy. On a press conference, Kareena was asked about the same and was being compared with Aishwarya, this is what Kareena chose to reply.

8. Sonam kapoor on Katrina Kaif


“I don’t know how she does that. You need a certain kind of commitment and a certain kind of shamelessness to do certain things.”

Sonam Kapoor took a dig on Katrina Kaif as well. In an interview in Cannes with film journalist Anupama Chopra, Sonam Kapoor said that she’d like to “give Katrina a bouquet. And when she was asked the reason behind it, this is what Sonam said. Surprisingly, Sonam, who with her statement on Katrina in 2012 stirred up a storm, had no particular reason to make the statement in question.

9. Sonam Kapoor on Aishwarya Rai


“We are from different generations. Ash has worked with my dad so I have to call her Aunty na? ”

Both Sonam and Aishwarya are brand ambassadors of L’Oreal. They both were supposed to walk the red carpet for Cannes together. But when Aishwarya refused to walk the red carpet for Cannes with Sonam Kapoor, Sonam didn’t handled it well.

10. Deepika Padukone on Ranbir Kapoor


I would like to gift condoms to Ranbir kapoor. “He uses them so much.”

On an episode of Koffee with Karan, gorgeous Deepika was asked whom would she like to gift condoms ? She  reportedly said that she would like to gift condoms to her ex-flame, Ranbir Kapoor .

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Careers Almost Ruined By Bhaijaan Of Bollywood!

Salman Khan is an incredibly popular and esteemed star of Bollywood. He has been and still is one of the most powerful actor of B-town. This guy can actually make and break careers of potential stars. He can give Bollywood aspirants the much-needed break into the industry or can actually ruin their name and fame overnight. That is the extent of the power this Khan holds in the entertainment industry. Crazy, right?( hum yahan ke robinhood hai… robinhood pandey.! ) Okay, we get it.

Wanna know the truth?  It is his huge die-hard fan base that has made Salman a larger-than-life-star. We as fans are responsible for giving him so much power that he has been doing whatever he wished to and even got away with it. Salman has been accused of beating up his girl-friends, running over a man while drunk, and making sexist and insensitive comments. It makes us wonder how his fans can totally ignore all the crimes and allegations he has been accused for since so many years. We guess, this is a bitter pill that we have to swallow.

Today we bring you all the careers that have been or were at the stake of being destroyed after a fight or argument with this megalomaniac star !

1. Vivek Oberoi


The Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi love triangle happened like a decade ago and made the national news.( long story.. short) In 2003, after Aishwarya broke up with Salman Khan, she was rumoured to be dating her then co-star Vivek Oberoi. Salman allegedly threatened to kill him. Vivek had organised the infamous press conference to talk against Salman. And this very episode shattered the career of this promising star.


 Vivek apologised to Salman several times for his mistake. But it was too late. Vivek told “There was too much happening, threats were coming, people were told not to work with me,indirect pressure tactics were being used “. Even today they are not on good terms.

2. Akashdeep Saigal


Akashdeep Saigal appeared as a contestant on Big Boss season 5 where he had a major fight with the host of the show Salman Khan. He has been even accused Salman of hitting him and causing emotional hurt.  In an recent interview Akashdeep said that Salman had hired an entire PR team to make sure his career never takes off.


Famous for his role as Tulsi’s spoilt son, Ansh, from Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi told that he has indeed moved on but cannot say the same about the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor.

3. Arijit Singh


India’s biggest singing sensation, Arijit Singh recently posted an apology letter to Salman khan on social media where he pleaded Salman not to remove his song from Salman’s then upcoming movie, Sultan. According to the post, Salman mistook Arijit for insulting him in some show.


And Arijit apologised Salman over phone, texts and even on social media. This doesn’t affected Salman’s decision at all. Salman indeed removed Arijit’s version of Jag ghoomeya song.. And the song was later sung by Rahat Fateh ali khan. Salman made sure that Arijit didn’t sing for him.

4. Tanmay Bhatt


Last year team of All India Backchod (AIB) came out with a controversial youtube video AIB Roast, based on a popular American concept of ‘roasting the celebrities. A lot of A-listed stars were present during the roast like Deepika padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Karan Johar, Alia bhatt etc. After the seemingly  successful show got over, member of AIB Tanmay Bhatt  got a raging phone call at 2 am, from Salman.


Salman threatened him that how dare he messed with his family on the show. The AIB team joked about his little sister Arpita Khan on the show. Salman even asked him to remove everything that was related to joking about Salman’s family, before putting the video on youtube. And that is exactly what happened.

5. Sona Mohapatra


So, recently during the promotions of his movie Sultan, Salman created a huge controversy by saying that he felt like a ‘raped woman’ during the hectic shooting schedule of Sultan. While a lot of the stars decided to keep mum about the incident or said that his comment was misinterpreted, singer Sona Mohapatra, was gutsy enough to come forward and tell people that what Salman said was extremely wrong and inappropriate.


She even had to pray a price for standing out and speaking the truth where she faced a lot backlash from Salman Khan’s fans after she tweeted against the superstar’s remark on rape.  Salman didn’t ruined her career. But what we least expected from Salman to at least make his fans shut for making such shameful comments against the singer but he kept mum and let that all happen.

sona-2 sona-3

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Craziest Online Rumours About Celebrities

Rumours are everyone’s part of life. But for Bollywood stars, they are another level of crazy and no one is spared. The more you become popular the more you get caught up in the web. Because the world love gossiping and the media loves contentious headlines. So grab your popcorn and check out these Bollywood romours that made us jump our seat:

1. Nehru is the real Father of Amitabh Bachchan

It was rumoured that a DNA report has revealed India’s former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru is the biological father of Amitabh Bachchan. The reports has also included that Nehru used to routinely visit Teji Bachchan but due to his political stature he couldnt marry her. Instead, he suggested to Teji that she wed tie the knot with renowned poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, as the poets first wife had recently passed away.

2. Aishwarya Rai’s Pregnancy

Aishwarya’s pregnancy prior to her marriage was considered the reason behind her expeditious wedding. Even when she cancelled an event trip due to her poor health, people speculated that it was all because of her pregnancy. The rumors had been connected with each and every dress she used to wear. Everyone was looking for a baby bump!

3. Salman & Asin’s marriage 

Yes this rumor was heavily in the air some years ago. This was even reported in several newspaper and magazines that Salman and Asin were going to tie their marriage knot soon. Both were flooded with  congratulatory messages from their fans. Till the time the rumor was excessively getting popularity in the media, the two stars had been enjoying the rumors.


4. Deepika Padukone and Sidharth Mallya’s affair

The two were often seen indulging in parties and social gatherings too. Many sources spoke that Sidhartha has accepted his relationship with Deepika Padukone.


5. Shahrukh khan secretly married to Priyanka

It was allegedly said that Shahrukh may soon divorce Gauri and is gonna marry her Don co-star Priyanka Chopra. Though it was just a rumour and these two stars never let the rumors come into their strengthened bond.

6. Kangana Ranaut’s cosmetic surgeries

There have been promiscuous statements that Kangana Ranaut has undergone various surgeries. Though the actress has denied it so far  but still media keep comparing her pictures before and the after the surgeries.


Oh My God! :)

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करियर की बुलंदियों तक का सफर- सलमान खान

जन्म व स्कूली शिक्षा 

अब्दुल रशीद सलीम सलमान (50) खान बॉलीवुड के एक  मशहूर भारतीय फ़िल्म अभिनेता हैं। इनका जन्म 27 दिसंबर, 1965  को मध्य प्रदेश के इंदौर (भारत) में हुआ था। स्क्रीेन राइटर सलीम खान के सबसे बड़े पुत्र सलमान खान ने बांद्रा स्थित सेंट स्टेनिस्लॉस हाई स्कूल के माध्यम से अपनी स्कूली शिक्षा समाप्त की। इससे पहले, उन्होंने ग्वालियर स्थित सिंधिया स्कूल में अपने छोटे भाई अरबाज़ से साथ कुछ वर्ष पढ़ाई की। सलमान के बाद उनके घर में  उनके दो भाई अरबाज़ खान और शोहेल खान है व बहनें अलवीरा और अर्पिता है।


बॉलीवुड का शुरुआती सफर-1980 का दौर

  • सलमान खान ने अपने अभिनय की शुरुआत 1988 की फिल्म ‘बीवी हो तो ऐसी’ से की, जिसमे उन्होंने सहायक कलाकार की भूमिका अदा की।

  • बॉलीवुड फिल्म में उनकी सबसे पहली प्रमुख भूमिका सूरज आर. बड़जात्या की रोमांटिक फिल्म ‘मैंने प्यार किया’ (1989) में थी।

  •  इस फिल्म के लिए उन्हें फ़िल्मफ़ेयर का सर्वश्रेष्ठ नए अभिनेता का पुरस्कार मिला।


1990 का दौर 

1990 के दशक में सलमान खान का करियर अपनी रफ़्तार में दौड़ रहा था। जहां एक तरफ उन्होंने “हम आपके है कौन”, “करण-अर्जुन”, “हम दिल दे चुके सनम”, “बीवी न0.1”,  जैसी हिट फिल्मों की लाइन लगा दी वही और दूसरी और अंदाज़ अपना-अपना जैसी फिल्में एक हफ्ता  भी नहीं टिक पाई।

  • हम आपके है कौन के लिए फिल्मफेयर में सर्वश्रेष्ठ अभिनेता का पुरस्कार मिला।

  • 1998 में सलमान खान को कुछ-कुछ होता है  फिल्म के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ सहायक अभिनेता  पुरस्कार दिया गया।

हम आपके है कौन (1994)


करण-अर्जुन (1995)


 हम दिल दे चुके सनम (1999)


सन् 2000 के दौर में कुछ फ्लॉप फिल्मों के बाद “तेरे नाम” से फिर हुई वापसी

सन् 2000 के शुरुआती सालो में कुछ फ्लॉप फिल्में देने के बाद सल्लू ने नए लुक के साथ तेरे नाम से।  इसके बाद एक पर एक हिट फिल्मों की लाइन लगती चली गई।

तेरे नाम (2003)


मुझसे शादी करोगी (2004)


नो एंट्री (2005)


एक बार फिर सफलता की नयी उचाईयो पर पहुंचे सलमान (2010-16)

ये दौर सलमान  के लिए काफी सौभाग्यशाली रहा। इस समय की सलमान की ज्यादातर फिल्मों ने सिर्फ खूब वाह-वाही बटोरी बल्कि बॉक्स ऑफिस पर भी अच्छी खासी कमाई। की

दबंग (2010)


बॉडीगार्ड (2011)


बजरंगी भाईजान (2015)

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सलमान का जवाब नामंजूर, 7 जुलाई को पेशी का आदेश

मुंबई, 29 जून (आईएएनएस)| महाराष्ट्र राज्य महिला आयोग (एमएसडब्ल्यूसी) ने बुधवार को अभिनेता सलमान खान की दुष्कर्म संबंधी टिप्पणी पर उनके जवाब को अस्वीकार कर दिया और उन्हें सात जुलाई को व्यक्तिगत रूप से पेश होने का निर्देश दिया है। अपने वकील के माध्यम से 28 जून को भेजे पत्र में सलमान ने कहा था कि मामला राष्ट्रीय महिला आयोग के समक्ष विचाराधीन है, इसलिए दोहराव से बचने के लिए इसे एमएसडब्ल्यूसी के तहत जारी नहीं रखा जाना चाहिए।

एमएसडब्ल्यूसी की अध्यक्ष विजया राहतकर ने कहा, “हमारे पास एनसीडब्ल्यू के समान ही समवर्ती शक्तियां हैं। इस मामले की सुनवाई राज्य स्तर पर भी की जा सकती है। इसलिए उनका कथन अमान्य है।”

अध्यक्ष ने कहा कि अभिनेता को सात जुलाई को अपने वकीलों सहित एमएसडब्ल्यूसी के कार्यालय में आने का आदेश दिया गया है।

राहतकर ने कहा, “हमने उन्हें एक हलफनामे के जरिए अपना विचार रखने को कहा है।”

सलमान को दुष्कर्म संबंधी उनकी टिप्पणी के लिए नोटिस जारी किया गया था।

पिछले सप्ताह मीडिया से बातचीत के दौरान सलमान खान ने कहा था कि अपनी फिल्म ‘सुल्तान’ की कठिन शूटिंग के बाद उन्हें ‘दुष्कर्म पीड़ित महिला जैसा महसूस हुआ था।’

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