Movies That Gave A Heart-Attack To People

Cinemas are made for the entertainment, but what if someone end up being dead due to this. Terrible no? Yes there are some movies across the globe which proved to be fatal for some people. Unfortunately there are no rules or prohibitions regarding this. Don’t think that we are just gonna talk about some horror movies under this category. There are some other categories movies also which took life of people.

1. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Two men come to watch the movie in  Tiruvannamalai town of India. One person who was 65 year old complaints of chest pain during the climax of the horror movie The Conjuring 2. He was taken to the hospital where doctor declared him died. Then the doctor advised the person to take him to Government Medical College Hospital on the outskirts of the Town for postmortem. This incident turned weirder when he vanished away with deceased body.

2. Raju Gari Gadhi (2015)

This is a Telegu horror movie, a story about seven contestant of a reality show and how they stayed up in a haunted house for a night. During the screening of this movie in Hyderabad, a 55 year old man named Amaranatham of Attapur, died due to a severe stroke. According to the witnesses the man exited twice during the movie. After the termination of the show, theatre staff found him lying and tried to wake him up. But the man was dead.

3. Grand Masti (2013)

You might feel weird to see this the Indian sex comedy movie in our list. But this is exceptional. A 22 year old boy named Mangesh was in theatre with his girlfriend watching this extensively humorous movie. He laughed so hard and end up suffering a major stroke.

4. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

A 23 year old young boy named Damian Anthony Smythe found dead after the show got finished in Wellington, New Zealand in 2010. The theatre staff found him still after the show.

5. Avataar (2009)

The 3D CGI epic movie achieved an enthausiastic response throughout the world. But this movie became ill-fated for a 42 year old man from Taiwan. The man end up loosing his life from a severe stroke. According to Doctors he had a history of blood pressure and the “over-excitement from watching the movie” took this poor man’s life.

6. The Passion of the Christ (2004)

The movie’s crucifixion scene from this movie is considered as the most “emotional part of the movie” which caused a 56 year old Peggy Scott’s fatal death in Wichita, Kanas. One month later, the same incident happened with Brazilion Pastor Jose Geraldo Soares (43 years).

7. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist holds a record for giving heart attacks to people. Many people had to go through psychotherapy after watching the film. People used to ran out of theatres while the screening of the movie. Ambulances were called on miserable conditions of viewers. The full version of the movie was prohibited for thirty years. This was the most terrifying movie ever!

If you don’t think you are strong enough to watch these movies, Don’t watch them.

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Micro apartments in big cities – how the poor live

Every individual wants to live in a spacious apartment or villa, some dream of living in a luxurious one while some would be happy even if they get the most basic one. But there are plenty of people who have any possibility to live anywhere else except a tiny cramped space, sometimes as small as 25 square feet.

Places with really high density of population and sky-rocketing real estate prices have mini-apartments , these spaces are so tiny that you and I might not even be able to fathom living in one. Generations have been living this way in cities such as Hong Kong or Dharavi (Mumbai).

Here are some examples of how people manage to live in micro apartments.

1. World’s most populated country, China is full of examples of micro-apartments in major cities, it is quite a common feature.

2. This apartment is also in China. China’s largest developer China Vanke has developed this micro-apartment in Guangzhou province.

In space-deprived China, tiny is the new big.

Like in all tiny apartments, efficient storage keeps the room from feeling too constricting.

3. Sometimes people live in the small apartment becausemthey just cant afford anything else. This unfortunate family lost all their possessions and now live in a garage in Lon Angeles, California.

The Burger family from Los Angeles, California, gets ready in a converted garage in wife Elizabeth Burger's mother's home. The family lost their home in 2009 and was forced to sell their possessions.

4. In India’s city of dreams Mumbai is also one of the most densely populated areas on the planet – Dharavi. More than a million people live here. The rent for a 100-square-foot home ranges from $0.04 per square foot to $0.06 per square foot.

The rent for a 100-square-foot home ranges from $0.04 per square foot to $0.06 per square foot.

5. In Hong Kong if you want to live in the tiny apartments you have to spend $487 a month. In this tiny apartment, a mother and her son manage to live.

In a 60-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong, a mother spends $487 a month to house herself and her son.

6. Jon-Christian Stubblefield lives in a relatively huge 200-square-foot studio in Seattle, Washington and he feels this is the most reasonable and affordable option for him.

"It was an affordable option living inside the city's core for under 1,200," Stubblefield told reporters in 2013.

7. In the Chinese city of Hefei, a patients receives treatment in one of the 86-square-foot rooms in a nearby apartment building because she can’t afford a bed at the local hospital.

In the Chinese city of Hefei, patients who can't afford a bed at the local hospital are forced to receive treatment in one of the 86-square-foot rooms in a nearby apartment building.

8. In nearby Hong Kong, the prices per square foot are so high. So, that people live rooms 35 square feet just to live affordably.

In nearby Hong Kong, the real-estate prices per square foot are so high that people occupy rooms as small as 35 square feet just to live affordably.

9. New Yorkers were introduced last year micro-apartment complex. Each one measures roughly 300 square feet. If you want to live there you need to spend rents from $2,500 to $2,900.

New Yorkers were introduced last year to the city's first official micro-apartment building near the Manhattan neighborhood of Kips Bay. Each one measures roughly 300 square feet.

10. In Poland there is the tiny house which is only 36 inches wide at its narrowest point. The house opened its door (it only fits one) in 2012.

Sometimes even 300 square feet is considered palatial. The Keret House in Warsaw, Poland (named after Israeli writer Edgar Keret) is just 36 inches wide at its narrowest point.

The house is so small that it's classified as an art installation. The building's architect, Jakub Szczesny, and Keret select writers and artists to stay there for brief residencies.

11. In South Korea, a 73-year old lady lives in a tiny apartment with just 21 square feet of living space. Her toilet and hot plate are cramped together in one area.

Kong Kyung-soon, 73, lives in a cramped apartment with just 21 square feet of living space, not including the area for her toilet and hot plate.

12.A 600-foot apartment has been cut into “cubicle homes” or as they are ominously called “coffin homes”. These measure less than25 square feet and cost about $150 a month.

Inside a 600-square-foot apartment complex in Hong Kong sit 19 units, all measuring less than 25 square feet. They are known as "cubicle homes." Or, more ominously, "coffin homes."

With rent costing $150 a month, the units are comprised of just two wooden panels set together. Residents are just steps from shopping and financial districts.

13. Has another a stack-able six-foot by two-foot wire box. In one such building, up to 12 men can live together in tightly packed cages. The condition is terrible, there are bed bugs and awful smells.

Until the Hong Kong government acknowledges the danger of the conditions, however, the best residents can do is protest. The cages are where many will live out their remaining years.

Hundreds of elderly men, such as Kong Siu-Kau, live in these conditions. In one such building, up to 12 men can live together in tightly packed cages.

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The Worst  Fashion Trends For Men From The 80s

The decade of 1980’s is known for its experimental fashion trends. Some were really great but unfortunately some turned into bizzare trends. It seems like 80’s was full of bizzare colour combinations. It seems so awkward that sometimes I feel like Were they from a different planet?

Let us check out the worst fashion trends of 1980s:

1. Acid washed Jeans

This trend was shortest-lived trends among all the bad trends of this decade. To create this style on Denim, a chemical was used which leaves the white fabric exposed.


2. Sweatbands

This trend was so popular in the 80s, you could watch people in movies, functions everywhere with sweatbands and headbands worn. It was worn by both men and women.


3. Four-Finger Rings

This Hip-hop trend was introduced by Big Daddy Kane. Then in Do The Right Thing the ‘LOVE’ and ‘HATE’ came into existence and people loved it extremely. But who wears the Four-Finger rings man!


4. Rat tails

From adults to children, everyone had tried this. Thank God its history now!

5. Parachute Pants

These pants were made of nylon fabric. Wearing these kinds of pants were considered cool for 80’s kids. The more you have zips on your pant, the more you look cool. Sigh!


6. Rolled Jeans

Though this was 80’s trend and considered as ‘Worse one’, but actor like Katie Holmes and Rachel Bilson also tried this in 2015.


7. Shell suits

This dress was considered as the worst style in the past 50 years of fashion trends. It was popular with the hip-hop and breakdance of the 80s. It looks like a tracksuit. Eeeww!


8. Geometric Patterned Shirts

Trust me this was not cool at all!



I m gonna cry man!

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This toddler Will definitely Inspire you

If God take away one thing from us, s/he gives us another to overcome our handicap. For instance, this little brave girl who was born without arms. She manages to feed herself using only her feet.

The clip shows flexible Vasilina who lives in Russia using her toes to grip her fork and guide it into her mouth.

The video was captured by her mother Elmira Knutzen who giggles as she watches her daughter’s achievements.The video was recently shared on Facebook by mother and it has been viewed more than 62 million times.

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Doses of Funny Tweets You Must Read

Twitters is popular to put political related Tweets. Unlike Facebook or any other social media, it tends to be more serious platform. But sometimes, the wind changes its direction and see what comes out of it.

You can not stop laughing after reading these Eight Cheerful Tweets:

1. That Husband !hilarious-tweets-580800bfce6ec__605

2. This man has achieved a lot!hilarious-tweets-580800ca65e2e__605

3. Yes, Murder their families because they CAN’T!hilarious-tweets-580800d67e013__605

4. hilarious-tweets-580800e0043f1__605

5. Finally she asked something :)hilarious-tweets-58080158e4bb8__605

6. Sorry, no money..forget the past!

7. Burn!

8. Nothing is scary than not obeying mom’s orders !

Share, if you have any! :)

source: boredpanda

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Bollywood actresses who looked better before Surgery

Bollywood industry runs on glamour. If you want to be in the race, you must look attractive and desirable in the eyes of the admirers. Hence, cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers, cheek implants and Botox have become the solution to keep one’s self relevant in the industry.

Though Men are accepted the way they are, but as per the societal pressures and conventional norms “Women must look fresh, shining and young, as if they are the vegetables in the Bollywood market”. Men can get lead roles till their 40s and 50s but a woman’s career comes to a screeching halt in her 30s. This is also a form of discrimination we have imposed on our celebrities due to our mentalities. The actors and actresses should be judged on the basis of their performances rather than their age, looks or height. Many female celebrities of Bollywood and  the small screen have undergone cosmetic procedures to make themselves look more glamorous on screen, so that they can fulfil the EXPECTATIONS of the audience. However, some of them looked beautiful to begin with and ended up looking terrible after the beauty treatments.

Have a look at the female celebrities who looked better before plastic surgery:

1. Vaani kapoor

From the ‘Shudh Desi Romance’ to Bifikre, we can notice some changes in Vaani’s face. There are hints of a lip jon, face lift and cheek enhancements.  Her face in the upcoming movie ‘Befikre‘ has heated up the social media buzz that she perhaps has undergone a lip-job and chin surgery. She has not yet confirmed the procedures, we feel look she was prettier before.


2. Anushka Sharma

Starting her career with Shahrukh khan in a blockbuster hit, ‘Rab ne bna di jodi‘, Anushka became a heart-throb for the nation. But now, she has been in headlines for quite a long time for all the wrong reasons. When she appeared on Karan Johar with a very obvious bee-stung look, no one had to guess what procedure Anushka got done. She has constantly been criticized for her new looks, which sadly could not attract the audiences. It is a pity that such a talented actress had to do this.


3. Mouni Roy

The beautiful Shivanya from the prevalent TV show, ‘Naagin‘ is getting  limitless popularity in Indian households. She looks gorgeous after the lip surgery but people miss the previous beautiful skin and sharp features of her.


4. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is considered as ‘The Drama Queen‘ of bollywood, famous for her bizzare experiments than her performances. She underwent nose reconstruction surgeries and breast augmentation surgeries. Though her bosom implantation did work but her lip and nose surgeries were tragic.


5. Gauhar Khan

Former Bigg-Boss contestant Gauhar Khan is renowned for her supporting role in movies like ‘Ishaqzade‘. Like other actresses, she was also not satisfied with her nose and tried the nose job to look perfect. No doubt, she looked better before.


6. Koena Mitra

Koena used to be a stunning model but the industry pressure and the haters got the best of her. Unfortunately, she got a nose job that turned out to be disastrous for her. It ended up giving her a very unnatural look. After that, her  career in Bollywood has come to a standstill.


7. Sara khan

It is said that this sweet and simple looking girl has undergone surgery for most of her facial parts, though she has never confirmed this. She looks gorgeous but we still try to find the casual, innocent look before all the procedures.


8. Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri is so attractive that we cant believe she would feel the need to get surgeries to look better. We guess every one suffers from insecurities and bad advice from people around them. The result, a  lip-job that giver her a duck face. People speculate that she also  got cheek enhancements to look young.


9. Minissha Lamba

‘Bachna Ae Hasino’ fame actress Minissha Lamba had a beautiful girl-next-door appeal. For reasons unknown, the beautiful and talented actress underwent cosmetic procedures that killed her career. Her unnatural looking nose takes all the attention away from her talents. What a pity.


Believe us, we love the way you are. Boost your work more :)

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10 Hollywood Celebrities who became Bankrupt

A celebrity’s life is a not a one, they too have ups and downs like the rest of us. Sometimes they also the money-related problems that go out of hand. These celebrities were once bankrupt and maybe we can learn a thing or two about avoiding mistakes from them.

Here is the list celebs who went bankrupt at least once.

1. Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson has the tag of world’s first supermodel but this supermodel has bankrupt in 2013 nearly $1 million in debt for not paying unpaid tax and surgery procedures. According to Radar online report, she said “I had some trouble, so yes, it is true … I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it.”

2. M.C. Hammer

In 1991, M.C. Hammer had a net work of approximately $ 33 million but lost it all by 1996. In five years, things became so bad that he had to file for bankruptcy with more than $13m in debt because of overspending and dwindling album sales. On the Oprah Winfrey Show he confessed that he debt wasnt a matter of losing his head, he had lost his heart.

3. Toni Braxton

Braxton filed for bankruptcy twice, first in 2010 and then in 2013. In 2010, she owed $50 million. Just six months after her latest filing, however, Braxton purchased a $3 million home in a gated community in Calabasas, California. Yes, quite bizarre.

3. Meat Loaf

Started his carer as a singer but MeatLoad went on to do Tv shows and movies. He was bankrupt in 1980 when a former songwriting partner brought a lawsuit against him.

4. Mike Tyson

WBC title winner at 20 years of age, Mike Tyson had filed for bankruptcy in 2003 due to the poor financial decisions and lavish spending on “jewelry, mansions, cars, limousines, cellphones, parties, clothing, motorcycles, and Siberian tigers.”

5. Sinbad

Sinbad, American stand-up comedian and actor has filed for bankruptcy twice in his lifetime, once in 2009 and then in 2013. “I didn’t buy Bentleys. I didn’t live large. I invested in me. I invested in a lot of other people. I would not change it; I would not go back,” he told Oprah in a 2013 interview.

Image result for Sinbad American stand-up comedian and actorphoto:pictureofcelebs

6. Dionne Warwick

Five Grammy awards winner Dionne Warwick faced bankruptcy in 2013. She ran up over $10million (£6.25million) in debts due to unpaid taxes.

7. Aaron Carter

The pop and hip hop singer and a child star faced a bankruptcy in 2013 after owing $4 million in taxes. In February 2016, said, “Financially, I’m in a terrible position … I filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year.


8. Donald Trump

2016 Republican presidential candidate has also faced bankruptcy in his life period according to Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Castle Associates filed for bankruptcy in 1991 and 1992, respectively. Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts and Trump Entertainment Resorts later filed in 2004 and 2009.

9. 50 Cent

The famous  “Candy Shop” rapper filed for bankruptcy in July 2015. He has more than $64 million in assets and over $36 million in liabilities and is still earning $184,000 a month according to daily mail.

10. Larry King

The recognizable talk show host was arrested in 1971 for the charged with grand larceny, after seven years, King declared that he was bankrupt with $352,000 debt on his name.

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What Do Major Cities Around The World Look Like From Space ?

You know sometimes seeing things from a distance helps us in better understanding of their horizon and what place could be better eminence point than the International Space Station? Right! Have you ever wondered what your city looks like from space ? Thanks to the bird’s eye perspective of Google Earth, you can check off at least this item from your bucket list. And no, you don’t have to be an astronaut or actually go into space for that. Talk about technology !

Today we bring you images of how some of the World’s busiest cities look like from space. Time to get some closure!



2. Mumbai, Maharashtra


3. Los Angeles


4. New Delhi, Delhi


5. Dubai


6. Kolkatta, West Bengal


7. New York City


8. Pune, Maharashtra


9. Paris


10. Bengaluru, Karnataka


11. Amsterdam


12. Hyderabad, Telangana


13. Beijing


14. Ahmedabad, Gujarat


15. Miami


16. Chennai, Tamil Nadu


17. Rio de janeiro


18. Sydney


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Most Expensive Food in the World

Food lover get ready for loose your pocket for the Most Expensive Food in the World. We have collected some of the most expensive foods, here are the list of the foods.

1. The Most Expensive Bagel

Name: Westin Hotel Bagel.

Where You Can Find It: New York.

Price: $1000 or INR 66,695.


2. The Most Expensive Mushrooms

Name: Mycorrhizal variety of Mushrooms.

Where You Can Find It: North America and Europe.

Cost: $ 1000 or INR 63,609.

Image result for The Most Expensive Mushrooms


3. The Most Expensive Cupcake

Name: The Golden Phoenix Cupcake.

Where You Can Find It: Dubai.

cost: $ 1000 or INR 63,609.

Image result for The Most Expensive Cupcake


4. The Most Expensive Vegetable

Name: Hop asparagus.

Where You Can Find It: Uk.

cost: : 1,000 Euros per kilo or INR 73,280.

Image result for Hop asparagus.


5. The Most Expensive coffee beans

Name: Kopi luwak

Where You Can Find It: US.

cost: : US$100 and $600 per pound.

Image result for The Most Expensive coffee beans


6. The Most Expensive Sushi

Name: Sushi

Where You Can Find It: Filipino.

cost: : $1,978.15 for five pieces or INR 1,31,992.

Image result for The Most Expensive Sushi


7. The Most Expensive Pizza

Name: Margo’s Pizzeria.

Where You Can Find It :Malta.

Price: $2400 or INR 1,60,343.

Image result for The Most Expensive Pizza

photo:top luxurious list

8. The Most Expensive Tea

Name: Da Hong Pao tea

Where You Can Find It: China.

cost: : $28,000 – for just 20g of China’s legendary.

Image result for The Most Expensive Tea Da Hong Pao tea


9. The Most Expensive Curry

Name: Samundari Khazana.

Where You Can Find It: Bombay Brasserie, London.

Price: $3,200 or INR 2,13,424.

Image result for The Most Expensive Curry

photo: grabhouse

10. The Most Expensive Dessert

Name: Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice-cream Sundae.

Where You Can Find It: New York.

Price: $25000 or INR 16,70,248.

Image result for The Most Expensive Dessertphoto:franceonline
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First-ever 24-hour free wine fountain in Italy

Rome, Oct 19 (IANS) In most areas of the world, public drinking fountains expel tap water, but the newest public drinking fountain in Italy flows red with wine — and it’s free to the public.

The 24-hour seven days a week “fontana del vino” in Caldari di Ortona has been installed by Dora Sarchese vineyard winery.

There’s no catch or gimmick, the vineyard owners explained. Nor is the fountain for “drunkards” or “louts”, they said on the vineyard’s Facebook page.

They simply wanted to provide a service that had been previously unheard of in Italian history, according to The Local news.
“The wine fountain is a welcome, the wine fountain is poetry,” Dora Sarchese posted.

The fountain is located along a popular trail, the Cammino di San Tommaso, which is used by thousands of Catholics every year on the pilgrimage to see the remains of Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples.

The popular pilgrim town lies in Italy's Abruzzo region

The popular pilgrim town lies in Italy’s Abruzzo region

Now, travellers can enjoy some Biblical-style refreshment along the long journey.

Until now, wine fountains in Italy had only been used for holidays and special occasions.

One of the most famous is in Marino where white wine flows from the public water fountain taps for an hour during the city’s annual grape festival.

This is the first known fountain to distribute free wine all day, every day.

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