Take deep breaths in these 7 cities of India Take deep breaths in these 7 cities of India
Pollution is a worldwide environmental concern with which most countries are fighting a battle with, unsuccessfully. You will be shocked to know that pollution... Take deep breaths in these 7 cities of India

Pollution is a worldwide environmental concern with which most countries are fighting a battle with, unsuccessfully. You will be shocked to know that pollution kills 7 million people per year, this is far more than people killed in war, accidents and homicides combined. In India air quality falls in ‘Hazardous’ category i.e.‘everyone may experience more serious health effects’ and ‘Everyone should avoid all outdoor exertion.’ Though India has lower greenhouse gas emission rates than developed countries but in terms of pollution, Indian cities are leaving these countries behind. As per the recent post Diwali data of Air Quality Index (AQI) shows, smoke from burning crackers, industries, vehicles, smog and particulate pollution has worsened the situation. Non-smokers in India have 30% lower lung function than Europeans.

The UNICEF report claims that Diarrhoea and respiratory infections are the number one cause for child deaths in India, which is directly or indirectly due to air and water pollution. But still who cares! Since the festive season is on, whatever happens, how critical the situation could be, Indian people are not going to take their steps back. We will fire the cracker as much as we can and let the environmental issues hang on. Good job India, specially Delhi to making the place poisonous.

Some of the cities where we can take deep breaths of clean non-toxic air:

1. Durgapur, West Bengal

In Durgapur, Air Quality Index is 19 which is considerably GOOD and satisfactory, perhaps the safest city in India. Here air pollution poses little or no risk according to AQI. Sigh!!


2. Vishakhapatnam

With an 72 AQI, GVMC, Ramnagar, Vishakhapatnam is in moderate stage. Located in the coast of Bay of Bengal, it is a largest city in Indian state in Andhra Pradesh both in terms of area and population. It was also ranked fifth in Swachh Bharat Survekshan conducted by the Union ministry of urban development.


3. Rohtak, Delhi

Since Delhi remains “severe” highest as per the National Air Quality Index, situation of Rohtak is better than all other areas of the city. It has 52 AQI, considered a moderate circumstance and not so much a matter of concern for most of the people.



4. Solapur, Maharashtra

Though Maharashtra’s capital, Mumbai is fifth highest polluted megacity in the WORLD as per the May, 2016 WHO reports. Solapur is a little safer now than other cities of Maharashtra with 79 AQI, which is quite acceptable.


5. Nagpur, Civil lines

This city has 91 AQI, considered moderate condition with PM 2.5 and air quality is acceptable. People sensitive to respiratory issues are advised to take care of their health. As per the recent AQI data(which kepps on changing throughout the day), Nagpur city can be considered among least polluted cities of India.


6. Bangalore

Bangalore was among the most safest city in India for patients with respiratory problems due to the praiseworthy quality of air. Despite being a major business city of India, it is in the list of less polluted city of India. What an achievement for Bangalore people! SaneguravaHalli is the safest area of the city and places such as BWSSB, City Railway Station and BTM have moderate condition.

7. Pune

Pune gives a mixed reaction in terms of pollution level. Areas such as Karve Road, Pashan, Bhosari are somehow have better situations as compared to other areas of the city. Shivajinagar in Pune has “severe” pollution level, Katraj shows severely unhealthy situation, while places like Lohegaon, Hadapsar have unhealthy air which is better in comparison with Shivajinagar.


Let’s flee away to these places :)