Chanakya’s Advice To Bring Peace And Success To Your Life Chanakya’s Advice To Bring Peace And Success To Your Life
Chanakya (350–283 BCE) was a great learner and scholar. He was an adviser, strategist, author and politician during his lifetime. After completing his education... Chanakya’s Advice To Bring Peace And Success To Your Life

Chanakya (350–283 BCE) was a great learner and scholar. He was an adviser, strategist, author and politician during his lifetime. After completing his education in politics and religion, he studied economics. His prominent work ‘Arthashashtra‘ is considered as a significant work till the present date. His quote and advice are sometimes treated as discriminatory and misogynistic by the modern people, has became debatable topic nowadays. But unquestionably most of his most of his words have stood the test of time. Each of these quotes will suggest a path towards a sincere and successful life.

We are also bringing you some of those best quotes which can make you victorious:

1. Never share your weaknesses to anyone


This shloka of Chanakya gives value in modern life. He suggests everyone “not to share their miseries such as: loss of wealth, sadness in heart, family scandal, getting cheated, and insult to anyone.” Chankya believed, and rightly so, that most people do not prefer to associate with individuals who are not doing well economically. Hence you should not discuss your money troubles with others, they will not help you and you will lose your social status. People might sympathise with you for sometimes but you will become a centre of ridicule for your whole life.

2. Improve yourself with the help of education because a scholar is respected everywhere


Chanakya’s shlok, “Scholar and king are never comparable. King is worshipped in his country, but scholar is worshipped everywhere” is suggesting the same thing. If you educate yourself, you will be respected everywhere. So get knowledge, have a keen desire to learn with determination. What ever you learn will never go waste, at some point or the other in life you will find it useful.

3. Work on your intelligence not on your looks


“Wearing expensive dresses a fool looks like a scholar from a distance. But, when he opens his mouth his ignorance comes out.” The shloka, विज्ञानेनात्मानं सम्पादयेत्, implies the idea that knowledge, wisdom and intelligence can bring lots of opportunities for you. So work on self improvement not on your looks. Your look might effect people for sometimes but your wisdom can create an effect for the entire life.

4. Maintain distance from ill-hearted people


“A distance of a thousand hands in case of elephant, hundred hands for a horse, and ten hands for a cattle should be maintained. But, in case of an evil person one must leave the place.” So if you really want to be successful in your life, maintain a distance from evil-hearted people, their negativity and ill-deeds could work as a slow poison for you.

5. Stay away from Laziness

Lazy people end up making their life complicated and miserable. So keep yourself away from this evil, otherwise it will control your mind. body and soul. It is an enemy between your goal and you. So improve your health, break the monotony, come out of anxiety and overcome on any kind of stress.

  • अलब्ध्लाभो नालसस्य-A lazy person cannot achieve anything
  • आलसस्य लब्ध्मपि रक्षीतुं न शक्यते– A lazy person cannot defend his possessions
  • न आलसस्य रक्षीतुं विवर्धते-The savings of a lazy person experience no growth
  • न भृत्यान प्रेषयति-Lazy Kings fail to command their servants.

6. Don’t reveal your planning to anyone


“One should not reveal work that has been planned in mind. Because if others know about the plan they will try to create problems in that.” Keep your plans to yourself and work hard to make it successful. Disclosing your future plans may let people jeopardize them, they may somehow try to create problem with that either mentally or physically.

7. Accomplish your duties in order to achieve peaceful life

Chankaya’s sanskrit shloka, “सुखस्य मुलं धर्मं:” says “Dharma is the root of happiness.” Here dharma is not just an indication to religion it implies the idea of duties and worldly affair. So if you want to have a prosperous and happy life, fulfil your duties towards yourself family, friends and the society. Dont be a selfish piggy! Never run away from your responsibilities. If you justify with your work, you’ll feel more happy and satisfied.

8. Excess of anything is bad


“Lanka was destroyed because of too much pride of Ravana; Kauravas were destroyed due to too much pride; Bali was bound because of too much giving; too much of everything is bad.” Yes, excess of anything is bad. So do not get obsessed with anything such as emotions, stubborness, worrying what people may think, alcohol, attachment etc. This EXCESS may ruin your peace of mind and happiness. Be sincere and let go of the things which doesn’t make you happy. Don’t get ADDICTED!

9. Never afraid of going alone-


“A person comes to this world alone, he gets rewarded for good deeds alone, he alone gets punished for his wrong doings, and he departs this world all alone.” What he means is that we are responsible for our own actions, thoughts and karma and we will be rewarded or punished according to our KarmaAnother quote says, “Don’t blindly follow the masses, because sometimes, the ‘m’ is silent. So never afraid of going alone.

10. Monitor your desires


“A blind person can not see, nor can a person blinded by lust; person blinded by wealth can not see, nor does an arrogant see his faults.” Monitor your desires or else it would make your mind blind. Desires lead to action which leads to consequences. Face the reality, never fall in the trap of desires.  Wise Buddha also taught us that the root cause of all problems is desire.