Super humans – Some weird human in real life Super humans – Some weird human in real life
Can you withstand a lightening strike? Can you put a drill do our head and survive? Probably not. Dont worry, we cant do any... Super humans – Some weird human in real life

Can you withstand a lightening strike? Can you put a drill do our head and survive? Probably not. Dont worry, we cant do any of that either. But there are people who can! Super Humans – our real-life X-men. They able to perform feats which we cant even imagine doing. The capabilities of these super humans are beyond a normal human’s capabilities. Lets see some of the mind-blowing things these people can do.

1. John Ferraro “Hammer Head”

Professional wrestler John Ferraro, aka ‘Hammer Head’ is rumored to have the hardest head. He was featured in “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” and holds a Guinness Record. In this record the 45 concrete bricks was broken on John’s head with a bowling ball, the 16-pound weight bowling ball being dropped from 10 feet above on his head. This man is like the Hulk!

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2. Shaun Ellis “Human Wolf”

The Animal Researcher Shaun Ellis is known for living and Communicating with wolves in real life. Shaun is the founder of Wolf pack Management. He adopts those wolf pups which are abandoned by their own pack. Shaun is able to howl like not like adult and pup wolves but also as a coyote.


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3. Salim Haini “Man Who Eats Anything”

Salim Haini’s nickname is “Man Who Eats Anything’ has “The Guinness Book Of World Record” for his extraordinary huge gastronomical feats. Salim Haini is rightly called the  ‘Man Who Eats Anything’. Be it nails, wood, bulbs, tubelights,  plastic – he can eat basically anything! No wonder in his home town people called him “The Eater’.

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4. Hu Qiong “Unbreakable Man”

Hu Qiong is a Shaolin monk from Kuala Lumpur. Kung Fu Master Hu has seemingle imprenetable skin that  can resist spears and metals drills to his head & body. Hu has been studying kung fu at the Shaolin temple since he was eight, he has learned to harness ‘Chi’ energy that gives him this super power. Whats astounding is that in 2010 he was hired by a chinese family to protect their 6 year old daughter. Hu also claims that by training he can make his body so tough like a “wearing steel armour”.

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5. Jim Dreyer “The Human Tugboat”

Jim Dreyer known to many as the “human tugboat”, can swim for days on end while towing tons of weight behind him, just like a human tug boat.  Jim has towed a 27-ton car ferry for 800 yards across Newport Beach Harbor.He is an ultra-marathoner and is also  known as ‘The Shark’.

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6. Tori Allen “Spider Woman”

Tori Allen can climb building and rocks like a spider. To make is even more mind-boggling, she does it without any support. during climbing It seems as though she was brought up by monkeys. Tori actually mastered many of their climbing tricks. Tori is one of the best climbers and she likes to hangs out with monkeys.


7. Phil Stringer “The Ice Wall Breaker”

Many people claim to have unique powers but none like this man, Phil says he has the power and strength to run straight through a brick wall. Phil also run straight through an ice brick wall and he smashed his way through 10 blocks of ice over 5 feet thick.



8. Raj mohan Nair “Electro Man”

Raj Mohan has come to be known all around the world has an amazing superhuman who can conduct electricity.  He has the ability to conduct high voltage of electric power through his body without causing any harm to himself. The amount of electricity that would ordinarily burn someone to death, does nothing to this superhuman from Kollam.